Zero-Waste Skincare

So I decided to come up with a product that does all 3 but at once. And I found a solution and made my first cleansing scrub. The only difference it had from the ones in the product, was it was moisturizing after the usage.

Since I always wanted to have my own beauty company, my philosophy has always been, Not To Use plastic and be as sustainable as possible. And I knew that the product that I had at that time was in a liquid form and needed a plastic bottle or a glass jar, or aluminum tube. A plastic was a no no, and I couldn’t afford an aluminum tube because in order to try i needed to order at least 1,000 pieces of it and I had no money for that.

So i tried a glass jar and it was the worst choice ever. I am not talking about it being bad for Environment, because it is heavy and it takes more space when you ship it out, more carbon dioxide emission . It was really bad,because i was taking a shower and i took this glass jar with me . I have no idea how,but it fell off and cut my legs and feet and fingers. It was a bloody mess (literally).

I was about to give up and then I so many companies using pouches. It was cool, flexible, takes less space. But, it was plastic. But i still wanted to try,because compared to other choices it caused less damage to Environment and us. I did ,but my heart wouldn’t let me use plastic. And then i found one company in korea that makes coffee and tea bags, so i decided to order and check the material. On the website it said that these bags are biodegradable. I was so excited, so i tried to put my product in them and since it was liquid it was leaking.

At this point many ppl were telling eaither to stop or use plastic. So I went into some healing (which is watching skincare stuff on YouTube). I came across minimalistic content, from that I leanred about water waste in cosmetics industry, learned how cosmetics companies use more that 60% of water in their products just for marketing purpose,so that they have bigger container that is appealing to customers. Learned that right now there are 1.1billion people suffering from water scarcity, meaning they dont have water or even clean. Found out that even United Nations stated that by 2050 there will be 6billion ppl with no clean water. It freaked me out,because water is the main source of living. Found 1 company that uses no water in their formulation. But all their products were for face and mostly for treatment not cleansing. So from there I had a goal to formulated a body cleansing product with no water that contains all the 3 functions for lazy and busy people like me.

And that’s how I came up with my product. Cleansing Scrub Powder.
It still makes foam,meaning cleanses the skin, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. But now it is in powder form,meaning i can put it in biodegradable coffee bag, easily travel with it and have no problem when gathering my luggage for travelling by plane or buying a small plastic bottle from daiso to fill up a body wash that i will only need for 3 days.7

It’s just amazing how we can get all the skin benefits by not harming our environment. Yet, we still do what the big companies tell us to do.

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