You Are My Home

The one and only 🏡You are my home🏡 Soy-wax candle

💭This candle is inspired by true events of 2020 and has its own scent related to the meaning.

🕯️You are my home – is implying that home is not where you grew up and was born, home is where you feel comfortable, or the person you feel comfortable with. The scent of mint-choco gives that cozy and comfy feeling that “home” word represents.

Let me tell you what scents are in this lovely candle:
🍃Mint – It’s hard to describe the taste and smell of mint without using the word itself. Fresh, cool, bracing, aromatic, distinct, strong-scented…
🍫Chocolate – source of Happiness hormones. Sweet and lovely.
🍃+🍫=You are my home(🏡)
I hope you can imagine the smell. To me it is as cozy as Home❤️





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