As a zero-waste startup, I have been serving the aesthetic needs of my environmentally conscious customers to formulate water-free products and use what nature gave us to make our skin glowing and healthy. I offer travel-friendly, environmentally-friendly products, including my water-free Cleansing Scrub Powders, Whipped Body Butters, to name a few. Read on to see what ingredients mineorganics works with.


Water Free Pollution

I have been working on formulating water-free products for over 8 months to reduce water scarcity (click here to read more…) and make customer’s travel experience much comfortable and efficient. 

 “According to United Nations nearly 6 billion people will suffer from clean water scarcity by 2050”

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Coffee Grinds

As a Zero-Waste and Environmentally friendly startup, MINE collects coffee grinds that can go to landfill in NL from local Coffee Shops in The Hague to use as scrub particles and antioxidant rich ingredients in our Foaming Scrub Powders.


Plastic-Free Packaging

I don’t want to be a skincare company that adds up to plastic pollution that is already a big issue in the world. (To read more about this topic click here…) I want to make a skincare that is not only is beneficial for your skin but also causes no harm to our environment. Let’s face it, Earth is the only home that we have. We need to take care of it as well. That is why I decided to work with a Korean company (Read more about the company here…) that delivers biodegradable packaging for us. 

Here is how my packaging works :

Compostable within 6 months:

This is an eco-friendly material that combines paper and water-based coating ingredients. A barrier coating film is formed on the surface of paper to prevent penetration of oxygen and moisture.