What is Buttne and How to get rid of Buttne

Summer is here and we all can feel a little bit insecure about some parts of our body when it comes to wearing a bikini, going to a swimming pool, or to the beach. For some, it can be cellulite, belly fat, skin tone, even scars and acne. 

In this blog, we will talk about body acne, specifically butt-acne known as Buttne

  • What is Buttne?
  • How to prevent and get rid of them?
  • Simple tips and steps 

NOTE: These tips below also work well for bacne ( back acne), including hands and your whole body.

Let’s go…

What is Buttne?

IMPORTANT: Did you know that Buttne has nothing to do with Acne?

Acne that you can see on the face is NOT the same as Buttne.

Skin condition Involves clogged pores from excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria thar are trapped inside them.
 Acne most often affects body sites that have a high concentration of oil glands:The face, neck, chest, shoulders, and upper back.

Pimples that show up on the butt area, also called folliculitis or keratosis pilaris.
Keratosis pilaris- a skin condition, the result of a buildup of keratin—a hard skin protein—that blocks the hair follicle. It causes small bumps that can look like acne. 
Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicle, which can also look like acne. The inflammation can be the result of irritation or infection. 

Buttne “ Butt Acne”

A skin condition that involves two types of bumps on your butt are:

  1. Red, itchy, and painful- Folliculitis, inflammation, and irritation caused by the damage of the hair follicle, through wearing tight clothes, the friction on the skin, or shaving.
  2. Red, not itchy or painful- Keratosis pilaris, run through families and are a very common type of buttne, also found at the back of hands.

More detailed information with some good energy by our Founder

How to prevent and treat Buttne

Keratosis pilaris?

It is actually very easy, but first of all, check if you have Keratosis Buttne or a Folliculitis Buttne. The answers will vary.

At Honestly it’s we love simplicity and convenience, that is why we are going to share super easy and short tips on how to treat and prevent Buttne for your summer beach times and everyday booty glow.

For Keratosis Buttne there are only two steps we suggest you to follow that work efficiently and reduce your time and effort.



Physical and/or Chemical Exfoliator

Use a Physical Exfoliator to topically remove dead skin cells that block the hair follicles from coming out ( bumps filled up with hard skin protein- keratin)

When: Depending on your skin type, you can exfoliate every 2 days or 2-3 times per week

Physical Exfoliators we highly suggest:

Scrubs are perfect for exfoliating the body.

Scrubs are perfect for exfoliating the body.

Not only they remove dead skin cells but also improve the blood circulation when you rub in and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How amazing is that?

PLEASE do not use Scrubs that have microplastic beads in them, they are a danger to the environment and us as well.

Use coffee scrubs, sugar scrubs, jojoba bead scrubs, fruit peel scrubs instead.

Try Honestly it’s, one of the most environment loving brands with an amazing body scrub for all year round.

My Addiction Foaming Scrub Powder
My Addiction Foaming Scrub Powder

My Addiction Foaming Scrub Powder – an Upcycled Coffee-based scrub and cleanser.

In addition to exfoliating the skin with Upcycled coffee grinds and Coffee Arabica powder, it cleanses the skin with a coconut-derived cleansing agent removing the dirt and oils. Supplies the skin with antioxidant-rich oils, Caffeine, and vitamin E to nourish your skin and protect it from Transepidermal Water Loss especially in your buttock area. 

The content of this scrub will reduce the Keratosis, your Buttne, improve the skin barrier of your body, and will definitely leave your skin soft and glowy to show off.

My Addiction Foaming Scrub is Plastic- Free, which is good for the Environment. The packaging is fully compostable, super easy and convenient to travel with, especially if you are going to spend your summer outdoors.

My Addiction Foaming Scrub Powder
My Addiction Foaming Scrub Powder texture

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Upcycled, Zero Waste, Sustainable, Circular Beauty.

Click the link to shop: https://honestlyits.com/product/my-addiction-foaming-scrub-powder/  

Loofahs– are good exfoliators that will definitely remove dead skin cells and improve your skin blood circulation.

PLEASE do not use loofahs made from plastic and the ones that can damage our Oceans and Landfills.


NOTE: if you have sensitive skin, try using a gentle loofah.

TIP: Once a week you can use a chemical exfoliator. A product that includes a BHA, AHA, and/or a PHA.

Chemical exfoliators, go directly inside the pore, hair follicle in buttne case, and meltdown those hard, dead skin cells, opening the way for hair follicles to come out. 

Highly recommend a BHA toner for your buttne. It is so much easier and faster to use.

How to use it?

Apply some to your palms, or directly to your buttock are, and rub in. That’s it. No need to wash off.

Look for BHA or Salicylic acid on the ingredients list.



Yes, moisturizing the skin right after the shower can actually help soften the skin, to make it easier for hair follicles to grow out of pores.

TIP: using a moisturizer that has chemical exfoliants in it like a BHA, AHA, or a PHA, can increase the skin turnover rate and prevent clogged plugged follicles. 

AHA- Alpha Hydroxy Acids ( the strongest)

Lactic acid, Mandelic Acid, Glycolic acid and etc 

When: Once a week, or biweekly

BHA- Beta Hydroxy Acid

Salicylic acid

When: 2-3 times per week

PHA- Polyhydroxy Acid ( the most gentle)

Gluconolactone, Lactobionic acid, Galactose

When: you can use it every day

How to prevent and treat Buttne- Folliculitis?

Depending on whether or not this type of buttne is infectious the treatments will vary. 

Buttne from Irritation?

The answer is simple. Remove any source that can irritate your skin:

  • Tight Cloth
  • Shaving

If the condition doesn’t improve please visit a dermatologist.

That how simple it is – Your Buttne routine.

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