Removes Dead Skin Cells.

Boosts blood Circulation.

Reduces the appearance of the cellulite

Caffeine/Coffee grounds

Fades away bacne and stretch mark scars

Protects skin barrier from water loss

Sweet Almond Oil

Coconut derived cleansing agent

Gently washes away dirt and oil

SCI- Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Softens and Soothes dry skin

Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial

Grape Seed Oil

With high concentration of squalene gives the skin antioxidant boost

Moisturizes the skin and fights bacteria

Protects the skin from free radicals

Maintains and supports the health of the skin

Is a natural, biodegradable, renewable resource.

Soy candles burn slower, longer

Deeply Moisturizes and protects the skin from water loss

Environmentally friendly and Cruelty Free.