At Honestly It’s, we believe in the power of education, and therefore, we are dedicated to spending 50% of our profit from 2020 INSPIRED candles on education-related projects in Tajikistan. 

Why do we focus on education in Tajikistan?  

    • The founder and the global manager of the brand are born and raised in Tajikistan 
    • They know from personal experience how difficult it is to get access to quality education and how important that is for the future   
    • Besides, we believe in the talent, persistence, and eagerness of the Tajik students in pursuing education 
    • Tajikistan has a great human capital, and we strive to reveal and help that capital to thrive 

If 5 years ago You would have told me, people use #Candles for Beauty, Aromatherapy and Relaxation

I would Never Believe You.

Because Where I come From, we use candles for an EMERGENCY, when Electricity goes off, and you need to write down and submit your assignments by next morning.


Seeing candles at home Traumatized me, but Hopeful at the same time. Having Candles at home made me feel Safe that the next time we run out of electricity, I can still read my favorite book, and do my homework without any distraction.


Founder, R&D

Soleil R


Support Education

By getting yourself a 2020 INSPIRED Soy Wax Candle you are not only supporting but also investing in Education