2020 INSPIRED Soy Wax Candles


Honestly, these 4 candles are inspired by true events of 2020. 

Each name and scent has its own meaning.

All candles are hand-poured in the Netherlands.

Made with Soy Wax fragrance and essential oils and lots of Love.


i know you want me

Infused with Lavender essential and fragrance oils with a pinch of herbal lavender buds.

INSPIRED by a relationship where both partners are in denial of their feelings to each other, yet both are confident that the other likes them.

In their head they keep saying to themselves: ” i know you want me”

A hope that gives both the drive to continue learning about each other.

Let’s call it the beginning stage of love.

The scent was inspired by everyone’s favorite- Lavender.

This candle is confident to tell you:

“i know you want me”

Cause you know you do.

Don’t you?


Infused with Chocolate and Cherry fragrance oils. Includes a Wooden Wick  to give you the vibe

HUG ME – as the name suggests is 

INSPIRED by 2020 lockdown and long-distance relationships. 2020 was not easy, it was lonely (literally). Deep inside we all long for the closeness of another human and we all know how one hug can increase happiness hormones. 

We all miss people who warm up our hearts and the best way to bring back all the memories and feelings of someone is by sensing it. The best sensor is of course- a Scent.

And the scent that inspired HUG ME was Chocolate- Cherry that gives you that sweet and lovely feeling of someone when you hug them (it’s more the feeling of a hug, not the person’s smell 😁)  

oh sweetie

Infused with Cinnamon essential and fragrance oils with a pinch of cinnamon stick powder.

INSPIRED by 2020- oh sweetie- is actually a sarcasm.

” sweetie” is something that society tells us to call our loved ones, but for some people it is hard to say, cause this phrase sounds so cheesy.

Yet, in reality we know that sweet is exactly how love feels.

And what flavor perfectly describes the sweetness of love?

Yes- sweet Cinnamon

you are my home

Infused with Chocolate and Peppermint fragrance oils. In combination of soy wax flakes and a pinch of peppermint powder.

INSPIRED by 2020 – you are my home– 

is implying that home is not where you grew up and was born at

home is where you feel comfortable the most and yourself. Sometimes home is not a physical location.  

2020 taught me that my home- are the people, the loved ones and that special person- your soulmate.

Let’s be honest, during 2020 lockdown we interacted so much and  got closer to people who we thought had nothing in common with us- are exactly the people who make you feel Home.

The mint-choco scent and design was inspired by mint chip ice ream that became my daily routine in 2020 that gave me cozy and comfy feeling of feeling home.

cinnamon roll